Why Britain doesn’t need gay marriage: First MP to have a civil partnership makes a brave and controversial stand

by MATTHEW BAYLEY, Day by day Mail
Last refreshed at 07:58 26 Eminent 2005
In tight-fitting wetsuit this is Ruler Harry learning to scuba dive.

Rather than see his sweetheart Chelsy Davy amid a break from Sandhurst, the 20-year-old illustrious has picked to go on a preparing course instead.

Yesterday found him taking part in two 40-minute plunges at Plymouth Harbour.

And while he was obviously impeccably at home once in the sea, it was a unique story on dry land. To begin with he found himself strolling to some degree warily in the style of Charlie Chaplin, what’s more, afterward he slipped on a few pier steps.

An spectator at the Fortification Bovisands Service of Safeguard base said: ‘He appeared to be having inconvenience strolling properly. His wetsuit looked exceptionally tight what’s more, uncomfortable.

‘Once he was in the vessel he was fine though, what’s more, he truly took to the diving.

‘But he did find it hard to get out of the pontoon again, what’s more, his feet kept slipping on the steps.’

The five-day plunging session is one of the bold preparing courses that cadets at Sandhurst military foundation are empowered to take in their free time.

Harry arrived at the base – an MoD site which is utilized to prepare all the equipped powers for plunging – at around 9am, with his individual cadets.

After making a difference to stack a watercraft with equipment, the gathering set off for a thorough preparing session off adjacent Penlee Point went with by two of Harry’s assurance officers.

Harry was wearing a wetsuit, plunging veil what’s more, oxygen tank, with a plunging cut tied to his leg to free him in case of emergency.

He what’s more, his associates were fastened by ropes to a security float some time recently they went under the surface. Harry would have rehearsed a arrangement of wellbeing drills such as expelling his veil what’s more, recovering his relaxing hardware at profundities of up to 50ft.

After securely finishing the morning session – in waters where two jumpers have suffocated this year – Harry was pulled back into the watercraft by one of his protectors what’s more, the gathering returned to the base.

The sovereign required offer assistance getting out of the pontoon what’s more, at that point walked off the jetty, with his air tank still on his back, to have a shower some time recently going to plunging classes in the afternoon.

Later, Harry what’s more, his individual cadets finished a second 40-minute plunge session some time recently once once more returning to base.

The ruler is right now on a four-week summer break from Sandhurst, where he is preparing to be an Armed force officer. Since he started the year-long preparing course in April, he has been tormented by damage what’s more, illness, yet amid the plunging course he has appeared fit what’s more, well.

As well as going to lessons in a classroom, he has too spent time honing in a water-filled quarry.

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