‘Every success was diminished by a number on the scale’: How West Point graduate battled eating disorder triggered by pressure ‘to make uniform look good’

by PRAVINA PATEL, Mail on Sunday
Last refreshed at 10:36 11 December 2005
It is what anybody who has ever been kept holding up on the line by a call focus has implored for – a list of ‘cheats’ that will get you through to a genuine person.
Computer programmer turned American call-centre victor Paul English has been given more than 150 tip-offs for bypassing UK frameworks from Mail on Sunday readers.
Do you know any astute phone short cuts? Tell us utilizing the peruser remarks connect below…
After the story of his victory with his American ‘cheat sheet’ was highlighted last week, he was deluged with messages from perusers who were sustained up with being bobbed from one PC message to another.
The ‘cheats’ – such as more than once squeezing a single catch – permit clients to dodge computerized callanswering frameworks so that, inside seconds, you are associated to an administrator who can handle your query.
However, each framework has a exceptional way of being beaten, such as the portable telephone firm Orange, which will put you through to an representative if, at the point when incited to enter your claim telephone number, you instead sort arbitrary numbers three times.
Paul’s notorious ‘cheat sheet’ has made him a latter-day legend in America, where his website records directions on breaking the computerized reactions from more than 100 top companies.
The 42-year-old American is as of now checking the rest of the ‘cheats’ he has been given for numerous English firms, counting Barclays, Lloyds, Norwich Union, BT, Sky, English Gas what’s more, Illustrious Mail.
All those point by point in our panel, right, have been attempted what’s more, tried by a Mail on Sunday correspondent – what’s more, they work.
The reaction to The Mail on Sunday article has been so huge that Paul is presently looking for offer assistance in checking the recommended ‘cheats’. He said: “It has been amazing. My swindle sheet has move toward becoming so mainstream that I require somebody who can check at minimum ten cheats per hour.”
Many perusers shared their claim intense call-centre stories – what’s more, too requested an end to the infamous money-making 0870 numbers, which charge clients up to 10p per minute.
Ian Breach, a resigned BBC Television journalist from Sunderland, said: “Calling my bank to find out regardless of whether I had cleared out my specs on the counter, I got to talk to a woman in Kuala Lumpur – yet not some time recently I had been inquired for my mother’s lady name, etc.
“Needless to say, she didn’t know – what’s more, didn’t have a number for the branch – yet I burrowed out a years-old letter from the bank what’s more, called the expansion on the letterhead. ‘How did you get this number?’ a bank official demanded.
“I demanded on being put through to the gathering desk, what’s more, was told, ‘All right, yet as it were this once.'”

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