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by SARAH HARRIS what’s more, LAURA CLARK, Every day Mail
Last refreshed at 09:47 02 December 2005
The head of the essential school which has topped the most recent alliance tables of test comes about said she succeeded by ‘ignoring’ government policy.

Barbara Jones said her school did not take after the every day proficiency hour or, on the other hand numeracy programmes.

She said: “We don’t utilize the education or, then again numeracy methodology as prescriptively as we have been inquired to. You have got to utilize a bit of normal sense.”
All the 11-year-olds at her school, Combe Church of Britain Primary, in Witney, Oxfordshire, were three a long time ahead of their age gathering in this year’s English, maths what’s more, science tests.

It was the second time the school has topped the tip top alliance table measuring how numerous 11-year- old essential school understudies reach the level anticipated of 14-year-olds.

Mrs Jones said: “I utilize the Division for Training design for a long time five what’s more, six yet I don’t utilize all of it. In some cases it takes two weeks to do one of their recommended week plans. Another time it might take two days to do a week plan.

“I think what they are doing is dissolving teachers’ confidence. I just feel that once in a while the infant is tossed out with the shower water.”

Mrs Jones said having a little school – 115 understudies – what’s more, extremely experienced educators made a difference the understudies do well. Fifteen 11-year-olds sat the tests.

She added: “We don’t just utilize pieces of content from stories. That irritates me tremendously. We do utilize a few extricates be that as it may I think it is totally fundamental that youngsters read entirety stories.”
Flagging results

The most recent statistics, distributed today, appear that more than one in four essential schools are falling flat to make any advance in key subjects.

Standards are either falling or, then again remaining the same in English, maths what’s more, science in spite of government endeavors to drive up performance.

The drift implies that tens of thousands of youths over the nation are still clearing out essential school unfit to read, compose what’s more, include up properly.

The hailing comes about are another blow to Instruction Secretary Ruth Kelly who was constrained to concede recently that the Government has not done well enough in boosting perusing standards.

The tables appear the execution of 11-year-olds in England’s 15,600 essential schools in English, maths what’s more, science national educational modules tests.

In 42 out of 150 nearby instruction authorities, execution in all three subjects fell or, on the other hand remained the same looked at to last year. Extrapolated over the country, this could be anticipated to take off a no-nonsense of 28 per penny of essential schools slowing down or, then again going backwards. This thinks about to 20 per penny in 2004.
Tory schools representative Scratch Gibb said the comes about were ‘disappointing’.

Overall, the extent of understudies who come to the required standard – known as ‘level four’ – in science tests remained at 86 per penny this year.

Results in maths rose by one rate point to 75 per penny – at long last meeting the target set for 2002, what’s more, English rose by one rate point to 79 per cent.

Ministers had needed 80 per penny to reach this level by 2002.

The disappointment to raise measures implied that 126,000 youngsters cleared out essential school this year incapable to read what’s more, compose properly, 150,000 did not have an sufficient get a handle on of maths what’s more, 84,000 needed a establishing in science.

Despite speaking to just a third of all primaries nationally, church schools accounted for two-thirds of the229 primaries which accomplished idealize scores in this year’s national educational modules tests for 11-year-olds.

Schools Serve Ruler Adonis lauded Eastborough Junior Baby what’s more, Nursery School in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, for being the most made strides in the country.

This is in spite of its headteacher, Nicola Roth, humiliating the government by calling for group tables to be abolished.

Lord Adonis added: “The Essential National Strategy, which incorporates the effective education hour what’s more, day by day science lessons, has changed the quality of instructing what’s more, learning in essential schools what’s more, will proceed to offer assistance schools to manufacture on their successes.”

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