Blunkett’s double breach of code on ministers’ jobs

by TIM SHIPMAN, Day by day Mail
Last refreshed at 13:48 16 November 2005
David Blunkett is to hang on to his grace-and-favour home in London for the predictable future, it has been revealed.
It is the second time the previous Work what’s more, Benefits Secretary, who was constrained to leave from the Bureau once more this month, has been permitted to remain in the extravagant property at taxpayers’ expense.
Tony Blair has requested that Mr Blunkett ought to keep the house in the selective Belgravia district, which is gathered to be the official living arrangement of the Home Secretary, while a security audit is conducted.
The Prime Serve moreover let him remain in the property at the point when he to start with surrendered for mishandling his position last December.
The Tories reprimanded the move last night – as Mr Blunkett confronted a independent push over the two severance installments he has gotten in the space of 11 months.
His flights from the Bureau have brought him tax-free payouts totalling almost £37,000. Last night, it developed that the Liberal Democrats have composed to the Prime Minster calling on him to arrange Mr Blunkett to hand back the second of the payments, which was three months’ pay producing to £19,000.
But Mr Blair has demanded he has ‘no plans’ to do so.
Also rents out house
No one at Bringing down Street, the Bureau Office or, on the other hand the Home Office was capable to say recently how long Mr Blunkett will be permitted to remain in free settlement in Belgravia, giving rise to hypothesis that the ‘security review’ has been hung out to advantage the disfavored ex-minister.
He has not been Home Secretary for 12 months what’s more, too procures salary by leasing out a home in South-West London. It is thought that Mr Blunkett has too been permitted to keep his ecclesiastical auto what’s more, security officers, yet authorities recently declined to comment. Chris Grayling, the shadow pioneer of the Lodge who made a difference to compel Mr Blunkett’s second abdication for breaking the pastoral code of conduct, last night expelled the pardon about security.
He pointed out that the current Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, does not appreciate the benefits still expanded to his predecessor.
“If a government loses a General Election, pastors move out on that same day,” he said.
“Past home secretaries have coped. Charles Clarke is living impeccably securely in his claim home. There’s no pardon at all for David Blunkett to remain in the Home Secretary’s residence.”
A Home Office representative said: “There are a number of previous priests who proceed to get extraordinary security game plans after clearing out office.
“On this premise the Prime Serve has concurred David Blunkett can proceed to have utilize of the official living arrangement while his security game plans are reviewed.”
Last night, a representative for Mr Blunkett said he trusted to be out of the property ‘within a maybe a couple weeks’ once he has found some place else to live.
A Bureau Office representative said: “David Blunkett told the Prime Serve two weeks back that he would make the important game plans to move out of the residence.
“As is ordinary in these circumstances, he is being given a short period of time to do this.”
Golden goodbye
But Mr Blunkett faces a new push over his severance payments, in spite of the proceeded backing of the Premier.
Departing pastors are entitled to a ‘golden goodbye’ equal to three months of their pastoral pay, yet the the LibDems have told Mr Blair that he ought to survey the course of action in Mr Blunkett’s case.
The Prime Minister, however, in a composed answer to the party’s benefits representative David Laws, said: ‘The Clerical what’s more, other Annuities what’s more, Compensations Act 1991 sets out the conditions in which severance is paid.
“There are no plans to audit the legislation.”
Mr Laws dissented last night: “It’s strange that a serve who has presently twice been constrained out of office gets two brilliant farewells in a year.
“This is not an suitable utilize of taxpayers’ cash what’s more, the Prime Serve is making a botch in not looking into the practice.”
Mr Blunkett’s representative said: “These are the rules. It’s the framework that’s continuously worked for this Government what’s more, past Governments.”

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